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Paragon Plastics is a leader in Plastics Distribution. Quality Products. Superior Service.

Paragon Plastics is a leader in Plastics Distribution. Quality Products. Superior Service.
Terms and Conditions Terms and Conditions

The information presented here on this website or through contact with our sales representatives is of a general nature and should not be relied upon other than for preliminary material application selection and purchase information. While it is our objective to provide the most current, up-to-date, and reliable information to you, Paragon Plastics, makes no representation as to the accuracy of the information or any claims, warranty, merchantability, or suitability of any material for use in any specific application.

Furthermore, the information contained herein or as supplied by our sales representatives, is not to be construed as a warranty of representation for which we assume legal responsibility. We highly recommend that users undertake sufficient verification and testing to determine the suitability for their own particular purpose of any information or products or advice provided by our sales representatives. No warranty of fitness for a particular purpose is made. Nothing herein is to be taken as permission, inducement, or recommendation to produce any patented invention without a license.

Terms of Sale
All Sales are final at the agreed upon payment terms stated at the time of sale. Customers may choose to apply for special payment terms, but the approval of those terms are at the sole discretion of Professsional Plastics, Inc. All necessary credit application paperwork and State tax resale forms must be on file at Paragon Plastics before orders ship or we will assess the current tax rate. For new accounts, all forms must be completed, signed and returned to Paragon Plastics to establish Net-30 payment terms. Customers must provide acceptable credit references and meet our credit approval standards in order to establish an open account with Paragon Plastics. We accept MasterCard, Visa Card, and American Express. All online credit card orders are processed through a secure credit verification system and transactions are processed through a PCI compliant payment gateway. All online credit card transactions are pre-authorized for 10% above the transaction value. Paragon Plastics reviews all orders for sales tax exemption compliance based on verification of customer's stated resale number and/or sales tax exemption status. In the event that the customer has inaccurately stated their legal tax exemption status, Paragon Plastics will utilize a portion of the 10% pre-authorization charge in order to collect the legally required sales tax. Paragon Plastics may also utilize a portion of the 10% to cover any expedited shipping requests, but only at the customers' direction and approval.

Credit Card Billing Authorization Forms may be manually faxed or e-mailed to customers who pay by credit card, but prefer not to place their order online. Special order items, custom order items, custom fabricated items or non-returnable items may require payment in full prior to shipping. Under certain circumstances (custom cut-to-size orders, custom fabrication, special order items), cash deposits, money orders, electronic cash transfers, and/or credit card payments may be required in order to expedite your shipment. Paragon Plastics, Inc. can also arrange C.O.D. shipments under certain circumstances.

Sales Tax Compliance
Paragon Plastics is required to charge sales tax to customers in the following states; Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Texas, Utah, and Washington, unless a valid Resale Certificate of Tax Exemption Certificate is provided by the customer in a timely manner. Customers who wrongfully supply invalid resale certifications will be reported to the tax revenue department. In such cases, where a customer has provided false information, or has failed to promptly provide us with a hard copy tax resale certificate, Paragon Plastics will assess the appropriate local tax rates as required by law. Orders may be delayed as a result of such errors. Paragon Plastics will make every effort to provide prompt service while maintaining compliance with all state and local tax laws. If any discrepancies exist, Paragon Plastics will make every reasonable effort to resolve such issues quickly and reasonably.

All prices stated on this website are in US Dollars (USD). Pricing is Fixed in US Dollars and will NOT fluctuate with currency exchange rates.

Conditions of Sales
All products are warranted by the manufacture only. Paragon Plastics, does not warrant specifications, tolerances, suitability, fitness or any other aspect of any product. In the event of product defect or failure, Paragon Plastics liability shall not exceed the cost of the product when purchased from Paragon Plastics, by a customer. It should be noted that "labor" or other incidental costs, are never warranted by Paragon Plastics or it's manufacturers, in the event of product failure.

Standard Delivery & Special Delivery Instructions
Standard products ordered online for delivery within the USA (excluding Alaska & Hawaii) typically delivers within 5-9 working days from placement of order. This date may vary based on whether an item is stocked in same region as the customer, or if the item is a special-order item from the factory. If a customer requires delivery sooner than 5 working days, we ask that you clearly state your required delivery date within the Special Instructions Box on the Check-Out Screen. We will either accommodate your request or contact you to offer options such as express shipping. If we cannot accommodate your request, we will notify you and ask if you wish to cancel the order. It is the customers' sole responsibility to provide written notification via the special instructions box or by e-mail within 4 hours of order placement if a rush delivery is required.

Damaged Shipments
If a shipment appears damaged, it should be noted by the carrier on the carriers receipt. Inspect material immediately upon receiving before you sign for its acceptance. Claims for concealed damage on shipments must be filed with the carrier. It is advised that you retain all packing materials, cartons, and/or pictures of the damaged shipment for your claim.

Minimum Order
There is no minimum order requirements for most items from Paragon Plastics. When an item is out of stock, a special order may be required and could include a minimum. Shipping charges will be applied to all purchases that do not meet the "Free Shipping" criteria. If the customer chooses to pick up their purchase directly from the store, no shipping charges will be applied.

Transportation Policy
All orders are shipped F.O.B. shipping point by the least expensive surface method available, unless premium/fast shipping methods are requested. In most cases, the customer is required to pay all shipping charges. Free shipping is available for many items in the store, which does not require additional payment by the customer. Paragon Plastics makes no freight estimate at the time of order, or assumes any responsibility for freight charges or damages that may occur in transit. Although Paragon Plastics will make every reasonable effort to select the most efficient & economical method of shipment, it is the responsibility of the customer to exercise due diligence in selecting a freight carrier that meets their cost and delivery requirements. ALL Freight charges are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Small Order Charge
There is currently no small order charge. This is, however, subject to change. This statement will be updated if such changes are to occur.

Handling/Boxing/Pallet Charges
Flat shipping and handling fees are assessed to items that do not meet the "Free Shipping" requirements. Any pallet charges that may occur will only apply to certain orders placed over the phone with a sales operator.

Returns, Cancellations & Order Refusal
No returns will be accepted without prior authorization in the form of an "RMA" number obtained by calling our sales office. Any claims for shortage or breakage for any reason, must be made within 3 days from date of receipt. All returns are subject to a 25% restocking charge, plus reconditioning and repacking costs if necessary. No specially-made, custom fabricated, non-"cataloged", special-ordered, or cut-to-size item may be returned. If the product has been altered by the customer in any way, it may not be returned. Returns with authorization & RMA # will not include a credit for any freight charges or customer labor charges of any kind. Cancellations must be made in writing via confirmed e-mail within 4 hours of order placement. A 25% Order Cancellation Fee may be assessed. If Paragon Plastics has already performed any function associated with the fulfillment of the order, Paragon Plastics reserves the right to charge the customer for the full amount of the order.

Right of Refusal
Paragon Plastics reserves the right to refuse any order for any reason. Pricing may change without notice, and in some cases, pricing errors may occur on the website, due to calculation errors or suddenly fluctuations in market conditions. In those cases, Paragon Plastics may refuse an order, but will never charge any amount to your credit card without mutual consent of both parties. Paragon Plastics will not be liable for any damages related to pricing errors or changes in pricing structure. It should be understood that mere placement of an order online, does not automatically imply that Paragon Plastics will accept the order as it appears on the order confirmation. Each order must be manually verified and accepted by Paragon Plastics at the price, delivery, and terms stated on the order confirmation. Paragon Plastics makes every attempt to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date information to all customers. We will promptly notify the customer if there is any reason why we are unable to meet the terms and conditions of the order. While we make no financial guarantee that all prices & information are correct, we do assure our customers that we will not adjust the selling for on any confirmed order without the prior written consent and approval of the customer. Should a situation arise where we refuse an order for any reason, there shall be no financial recourse provided to the customer.

Late Charges
Paragon Plastics reserves the right to add compounding interest charges to any invoice exceeding the stated payment terms. Interest added to past due accounts shall be calculated at a rate of 1.5% per month. Partial months may be calculated at an amortized daily rate equivalent to the monthly rate. By opening a credit account with Paragon Plastics, the customer formally accepts these and all other stated terms and conditions of sale.

International Sales
Paragon Plastics currently does not fulfill orders outside of the US. Also, orders can not be made to Alaska or Hawaii.

Paragon Plastics Export Compliance
It is the policy of Paragon Plastics to fully comply with all laws and regulations governing the export of its products, services, software and technical data. Each employee must be dedicated to ensure such compliance.

All sales, service, shipping, accounting and other personnel that may be involved in export shall be familiar with and review regularly all rules and regulations to ensure compliance with government regulations. Particular attention should be taken when releasing technical information to foreign nationals, whether abroad or in the United States, in electronic transmission of data/software and when hand carrying exports.

Under no circumstances shall Paragon Plastics personnel sell or ship any product contrary to United States export laws or shall these laws be compromised for personal gain. Neither sales nor shipments are to be made to any individual or firm appearing in the Denied Parties Lists or to any firms owned by or associated with the individuals of firms therein listed. Also, no orders or shipments are to be made to any country subject to economic or trade sanctions imposed by the U.S. unless otherwise authorized by U.S. law. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in the imposition of criminal and/or civil fines and penalties, including incarceration for individuals and suspension of export privileges for Paragon Plastics.

As a result, we need to be vigilant in screening our customers and transactions. It is, therefore, more important than ever that the “Know Your Customer” guidelines are understood and implemented in order that Paragon Plastics can meet the required “know” standard.

In particular, no transaction can be made when dealing with individuals, companies and countries involved with the proliferation of nuclear missile and chemical/biological related processes and/or weapons without a license from the Department of Commerce.

All questions concerning whether a proposed sale, shipment or other transaction, domestic or international, complies with the export laws shall be immediately referred to

Non-compliance or possible non-compliance with any of the export laws and regulations that becomes known to any Paragon Plastics employee shall be immediately reported to the President of Paragon Plastics.

Note to Customers
It is the nature of our business that we must post such Disclaimer notices, however; please understand that Paragon Plastics will support its customers and attempt to accommodate you in any situation where you have become dissatisfied with our products or services. We firmly believe that the "Customer is always right" and will assist you in every way possible.

Please do not hesitate to call us and discuss any situation for which you have not received proper service or have incurred a difficulty with a material product that we have sold to you. If you would prefer to drop an e-mail to us, please do so at; and you will receive a prompt response.

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