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Paragon Plastics is a leader in Plastics Distribution. Quality Products. Superior Service.

Paragon Plastics is a leader in Plastics Distribution. Quality Products. Superior Service.
Category Index
Teflon Rods
Plastic Sheets
ABS Sheets
  > Black ABS Sheets
  > White ABS Sheets
Acetal Sheets
  > Black Acetal Sheets
  > Natural Acetal Sheets
Acrylic Sheets
  > Clear Acrylic Sheets
  > Colored Acrylic Sheets
  > Mirrored Acrylic Sheets
  > Specialty Acrylic Sheets
Coroplast Sheets
  > Black Coroplast Sheets
  > White Coroplast Sheets
Cutting Boards
  > Cuttingboard Sheets
Delrin Sheets
  > Black Delrin Sheets
  > Natural Delrin Sheets
HDPE Sheets
  > Black HDPE Sheets
  > Natural HDPE Sheets
Nylon Sheets
Patio Table Tops
Picture Framing
Polycarbonate Sheets
  > Clear Boarding Sheets
  > Clear Polycarbonate Sheets
  > Colored Polycarbonate Sheets
PVC Sheets
  > Black Starboard
  > Dolphin Gray Starboard
  > Mocha Starboard
  > Sandshade Starboard
  > Seafoam Starboard
  > White/White Starboard
  > Evergreen Starboard
Styrene Sheets
  > Worbla Black Art
  > Worbla Finest Art
Plastic Rods
Acetal Rods
  > Black Acetal Rods
  > Natural Acetal Rods
Acrylic Rods
  > Clear Acrylic Rods
    • Half Round
    • Round
    • Spiral
    • Square
    • Triangle
  > Colored Acrylic Rod Extruded
Delrin Rods
  > Black Delrin Rods
  > Natural Delrin Rods
Nylon Rods
  > Black Nylon 6/6 Rods
  > Natural Nylon 6/6 Rods
PVC Rods
  > Gray PVC Rods
Teflon Rods
  > Virgin Teflon Rods
Plastic Tubes
Clear Acrylic Tubes
Colored Acrylic Tubes
Fabricating Tools
Bending Tools
Cleaning Products
  > Polishing Tools
  > Plastic Cleaners
Cutting/Drilling Tools
Glues & Adhesives
Adhesive Applicators
  > Glue Applicator Guns
  > Glue Applicator Needles
  > Glue Applicator Syringes
  > Glue Applicator Bottles
Plastic Adhesives
  > Masking Remover
  > Silicone Adhesives
  > Weld On Plastic Cements
Displays & Accessories
Acrylic Balls
Display Products
Plastics for the Home/Office

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